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X-Blocks to BasiX Conversion Instructions

If you already own an X-Blocks pattern and would like to make it with your new BasiX template, there’s no need to purchase additional patterns. (Some patterns are not able to be made with the BasiX template) The conversions of measurements, cutting and yardage requirements for the X-Blocks patterns that can be made with the BasiX template
are available below.

The information you’ll need is available to download and print. Just click the download button for the pattern name youre looking for on the list below and the BasiX information will be ready for you to print. (Currently only the patterns with a check mark under the BasiX column are ready for downloading.)

We are working as quickly as we can to get all these patterns converted, and we’ll get them placed on the website as soon as they are ready!

X-Blocks Patterns that can be made with BasiX

Pattern Name X-Blocks BasiX Download
Baby Bloomers Coming Soon!  
Bloomerang Coming Soon!  
Dancing Stars Coming Soon!  
Dearest Friend Coming Soon!  
Kansas Travels Coming Soon!  
Mardi Gras Download
Mo's Basket Download
Penelope Coming Soon!  
Pick Up Stix Coming Soon!  
Pocketful of Posies Download
Simply Stars Coming Soon!  
Unbeweavable Coming Soon!  
Venetian Tiles Download

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